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I have identified four key priorities that I’d like to work towards if I were to be elected. I am passionate about each one due to personal experiences and observations and listening to the concerns of others.

My priorities are:

  1. ​Championing and centering essential mental health supports

  2. Collaboration and compromise through courageous conversations

  3. Continuing to advocate for enhanced equity

  4. Being fiscally conscientious

Mental Health Matters.png

​Championing & centering essential mental health supports

Bullying, racism/discrimination/prejudice/bias, COVID, relationships, and belonging all have a staggering impact on mental health. We need to prioritize mental health care for so our learners, teachers, staff, and admin feel supported, seen, and appreciated. We need to teach our learners the tools they need to feel confident and grounded. Boundaries, emotional intelligence, and awareness are all instrumental to mental wellness.

Collaboration & compromise through courageous conversation

We need to be having conversations, courageous conversations, with curiosity, vulnerability, and intention. We need to be bridging the gaps so we can collaborate in a cohesive manner. We need to use the resources we have, like teachers, staff, and administration, to help inform us what they think is most beneficial for our learners. Afterall, they ARE the experts. 


Continuing to advocate for enhanced equity


Equity. It's a word that can either unite or divide a community. But we need to be open to understanding what this actually means. Equity means having teachers, staff, and administrators represent the learner population so they feel a sense of belonging. Equity means that non-white learners aren't being disciplined at a higher rate than their white peers. Equity means nonwhite learners are provided the tools needed to succeed at the same rate as their white peers. Equity means understanding the barriers to consistent attendance and actively addressing them. Equity means recognizing a learner's cultural identity, understanding the impacts, and actively invest in their success. Equity means keeping classroom sizes small.

Being fiscally conscientious

Fiscal responsibility. I think this is the one topic that all candidates can agree on. We all want to make sure district funds are being allocated logically and deliberately. We need to be investing in all of our learners to make sure they have the resources necessary to thrive. We need to address the decrease in student enrollment as this directly impacts our funding. We need to be open and transparent with the community so there is complete awareness of where the money comes from, if there are restrictions to how the money is spent, and accessible explanations for budgetary decisions. 

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